In Recognition of “D-Day”

In Recognition of “D-Day”

Attorney Page stands on Omaha Beach

Mr. Williams and I took the World War II tour and visited Normandy, France in 2006. I took one of the attached photographs in front of the café of the first village liberated by the allied forces from the Germans on “D-Day.” I saw the German bunkers, that are still there, overlooking the cliffs above the Bay of the Seine. I closed my eyes, stood there for several minutes, and I could feel the energy, carnage, and death of the battle. It was a very humbling experience—an experience that sticks with you forever. I took a rock off the beach and brought it home. When I look at it, I hear a voice inside me that says, “The precious, price of freedom paid by our soldiers must never, ever be forgotten. We must never stop the fight for freedom now and forever more!

Attorney Page in Normandy, France cemetery

Normandy, FranceDDay building in France