Case Results

  • $27 Million
    Structured Settlement
    Tractor-Trailer crash resulting in the death of unemployed mother
  • $850,000
    Case involved a middle-age woman who weighed about 110 pounds who had a blood alcohol content of.26 when she crashed into five vehicles, totaling two full-size pick-ups. Our client’s major injury was broken titanium hardware in his jaw. As luck would ...
  • $505,000
    Driver killed colliding at high-speed with an escaped mule in the road.
  • $296,356.00
    Jury Verdict
    Auto crash. Client injured a knee upon which she had prior surgery. It was an exacerbation of a previous condition.
  • $225,000
    Jury Verdict
    Young woman with chronic back condition and prior surgeries (first back surgery at 16) had to have another surgery on her back as a result of the auto crash. As a result of a “bad” ruling by a retired judge, she was not permitted to include her ...
  • $184,000
    Our client was injured by a drunk driver and suffered broken ribs and soft tissue injuries.